School Dean

Norah James “VAL audio’s installation of the sound system in our school auditorium has been a game-changer. Our students’ performances, from music recitals to drama productions, have never sounded this impressive. There is complete speech intelligibility in each row and every little part of the auditorium covered.  The sound quality is extraordinary, and the entire audience is captivated by the…


Michael and Lisa R. “Turning to VAL audio for our home theater upgrade was the best decision we made. The installation team transformed our living room into a cinematic paradise. The audio quality is mind-blowing, and every movie night feels like a trip to the cinema. VAL audio made our home the go-to spot for friends and family!”

Nightclub Owner

DJ Ryan “Our nightclub’s reputation skyrocketed after VAL audio installed their state-of-the-art line array sound system. The bass is pounding, and the music moves you, the crowd is always on their feet. The clarity and depth of the sound are second to none. VAL audio’s expertise truly keeps the party going all night long. We are extremely happy we chose…

Director Dhawan Electricals

Yogesh Dhawan “We have been using VAL audio products for 10+ years now both in our rental inventory as well as our AV projects. I am very happy to say that they have never let us down. The combination of performance, reliability and value for money has made us go back to VAL again and again, as recently as last…

Business Executive

Mark H. “VAL audio’s installation of our conference room’s audio system has transformed the way we conduct our meetings. We no longer struggle with poor sound quality and interruptions. Every word is crystal clear and every presentation is so impactful! VAL audio’s expertise has elevated our business communication to the next level.”

Founder, VIVA Events

Sarah D. “VAL audio’s live sound equipment elevated our concert experience to a whole new level. The sound was crystal clear, and the energy in the venue was electric. We received rave reviews from the audience and artists, and it’s all thanks to VAL audio products and their expertise and dedication to perfection.”