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This is our Dedicated Subwoofer Series. All our subwoofers are now featured in this series. This series features 6 premium subwoofers.

The SW212s is high end dual 12, 1000W subwoofer. There is a lot of technology and R&D that has gone into making this subwoofer. When designing this product our aim was how to make a 12 sub sound like a 18, and we succeeded. It features a very compact footprint and packs a tremendous punch (133db peak SPL) for such a small cabinet. The SW118s is a 1000W single 18 Subwoofer producing a peak SPl of 132db. It features a powerfull 1000W 18 driver with a 4 VC. The SW215s is a 2000W RMS, dual 15 High performance subwoofer capable of producing a max SPL of 138dB (peak). The SW218s is a 2400W, dual 18 subwoofer capable of producing a max SPL of 140dB (peak). Both the SW215s and SW218s feature a V shaped symmetric vented loaded design. The mounting of the dual cone drivers maximizes cone area and minimizes front area. They both feature a very compact footprint for a dual driver subwoofer. The SW218sHP is a large format, direct radiating 3000W bass reflex subwoofer producing max SPL of 142.5 dB. It uses premium LF drivers each capable of handling 1500W RMS and peaks of 6000W. The LF driver is a custom designed with very high excursion and 2 layer IN / OUT, 4.5 voice coil. It features a 253mm magnet diameter. It also uses advanced thermal management to dissipate the heat produced. It features a heavily braced hard plywood cabinet featuring Touring grade Sand coarse textured waterborne coating paint. The SW121s is a single 21, 1800W subwoofer system capable of producing a peak SPL of 142 dB. This monster of a subwoofer is a high end subwoofer system featuring a premium European 21 driver with a 5.3 voice coil and massive ±16mm Linear Xmax. Being a 4 ohm loudspeaker ensures that it can be run off a single channel of the X5002, X6002 or V4.25 power amplifiers. It features a triple forced cooling system for low power compression. The cabinet is heavily braced touring grade using 25mm birch plywood for vibration free dynamic response. It has rear loaded transmission line loading for ultra fast response.

Both the SW218s HP & SW121s subwoofers can be used with all large format line array systems/ Array touring systems to deliver rock solid deep bass at extremely high SPL levels.

  • Large format, High output dual 18” Subwoofer
  • 4.5” 4 layer, inside outside, long excursion voice coil
  • 136.5 dB SPL continuous and 142.5 dB peak high SPL Output
  • Ultra Premium European 18" LF driver with extremely high excursion capacity for extended low frequency output
  • High strength Polycellulose cone reinforced with fibrillated nylon fibres
  • Advanced thermal management via internal heatsink case on die caste chasis of driver
  • Touring grade heavily braced hard birch plywood cabinet
  • Touring grade Rubberised coarse sanded coating with textured black mat finish (Made in Europe)
  • Provision for pole mounting top

The SW 218sHP is a Large Format Dual 18" Touring Grade Subwoofer for bass reinforcement suitable for
  • Large scale PA systems
  • Touring systems
  • Permanent installation in large Club, Theater, Auditorium and other indoor venues
  • DJ and mobile applications
  • Side fills on stage
  • Large Format Line Array speakers

Power Handling

3000W RMS (AES)
6000W Program / 12000W Peak
Nominal impedance
4 ohms
Frequency response (-6dB)
29Hz - 150Hz
Average Sensitivity
Calculated Maximum SPL / 1m
136.5dB continuous
139.5dB Program
142.5dB Peak
Recommended low cut filter
30Hz 24dB/oct
Recommended amplifier
Up to 6000W (no clip)
Celto Acoustique 2x18” (4.5” VC long excursion)
Pole mount
35mm top hat
CNC made with tongue & grove assembly
15 and 18mm Baltic birch plywood exterior grade
Rubberised coarse sanded coating with textured black mat finish (Made in Europe)
Size (WxHxD)
Net weight
91 Kg (200.6lbs)
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