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The ZX series is our Premium range of loudspeaker systems. This Ultra High Performance series features 5 models. These are designed for the most discerning applications both in Touring and fixed install. Only high end and the best components are used in this series. We went to large extents to develop custom drivers along with our Driver manufacturer to get the desired results and timelines required by us. This series is designed as a no holds barred reference series to outperform the best in the market.

The ZX 12 and ZX 15 are full range high end Loudspeakers capable of handling 800W RMS of continuous power. Both use a custom HF Compression driver with a 1.4 Exit and 3 Aquaplased TC4 diaphragm. The ZX12 and ZX15 are capable of producing a SPL of 132db and 133db respectively peak acoustical output. Both these models have pole mount, fly points and a wedge for monitor use. The ZX15s 15 LF with a 4 voice coil and 220mm magnet diameter which is larger than that found in most subwoofers. It is sweet sounding even at a distance of 2m. It is ideal for both monitor or FOH use. The ZX15HP is a step up from the ZX15 and features all Neodymium components to reduce weight and increase efficiency and it has average sensitivity of 99db and 1000W RMS power handling capacity. It is capable of a peak acoustical output of 135db. The ZX 152 is a dual 15 two way top capable of handling 1600W RMS power. The 15 LF drivers use a high efficiency neodymium magnet to reduce weight and increase efficiency. It features Top of the Line performance and reliability along with highly dynamic and holographic reproduction of sound. This speaker is designed for applications requiring very high SPL without any compromise on fidelity. The ZX 153 is an incredible 15 3 way loudspeaker system designed to be operated only in biamp mode via DSP. This is a high SPL, light weight loudspeaker using high efficiency neodymium magnets for all the drivers. It features an Aquaplased TC4 diaphragm for ultra smooth HF reproduction along with a Rotatable MFH horn with silk fiber loaded cone for incredible mids. This speaker is designed for high SPL applications where nothing but the best mid frequency and vocal reproduction will do.

  • The highest SPL of the category
  • Real 1000W RMS power capacity
  • Top of the Line performance and reliability
  • Highly dynamic and holographic reproduction
  • Premium custom made Neodymium European drivers
  • Aquaplased TC4 Diaphragm for ultra smooth HF reproduction
  • Proprietary 60 x 40 constant directivity rotatable horn
  • Touring grade textured black paint finish

The ZX 15HP Loudspeaker is a 15" Two-way Touring Grade Loudspeaker suitable for
  • Main PA Sound Reinforcement for Live Outdoor applications
  • As Main PA for Auditoriums, Clubs, Lounge Bars, Seminar Training & AV rooms
  • Indoor / Outdoor DJ and Live Club Applications
  • All kinds of stage monitoring applications
  • As fill Loudspeakers for main PA, Under balcony or above balcony applications
  • AV presentations for rental companies
Power Handling
1000W RMS (AES)
2000W Program / 4000W Peak
Nominal impedance
8 ohms
Frequency response (-6dB)
46Hz - 20 KHz
Average Sensitivity
Calculated Maximum SPL / 1m
129dB continuous
132dB Program
135dB Peak
Nominal Directivity
80°x50°, CD Horn
Recommended low cut filter
45Hz 24dB/oct in full range mode
75-120Hz with subwoofer
Recommended amplifier
Up to 2000W (no clip)
in specified frequency response
Custom made 15" CELTO Acoustique
Neodymium magnet, 4 Voice coil
1.4 exit CELTO Acoustique
Ferrite magnet, 3 Aquaplased TC4 Diaphragm
Crossover point 1.4KHz
Flying hardware
12 M8 with internal metal brackets
2pcs NEUTRIK Speakon NL4 MP
Floor Monitor use
Pole mount
35mm top hat
CNC made with tongue & grove assembly
15 and 18mm Baltic birch plywood
Rubberised coarse sanded coating with textured black mat finish (Made in Europe)
Size (WxHxD) 
Net weight 
26Kg (57.3lbs)
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