iComm short for Integrated Commercial is aimed primarily for the Installation market. With the growing demand from this segment and the need for quality yet affordable audio we decided to develop specific products aimed at this segment. All products feature our signature VAL HIFI sound with no compromise on quality. This can be seen from the fact that even this Basic installation Series uses touring grade birch plywood cabinets with integrated flypoints and the HFs are compression drivers not tweeters.

This Series currently comprises of 3 models. The iComm 8 is a Two way fullrange loudspeaker with a power handling of 150W. It features a 1 High compression driver along with a phase aligned integral crossover coupled to a 8 LF driver. The iComm 8CX and iComm 10CX are extremely unique products. These two loudspeakers have an Octagonal design and extremely unique and compact footprint. They have all the advantages of a Coaxial Loudspeaker like perfect phase alignment between the LF & HF. The iComm 8CX is a 200W, 8 Satellite loudspeaker featuring a Coaxial HF compression driver with a 1.7 diaphram. Also it has 12 ohm impedance allowing 6 to 8 speakers to be run on 1 amplifier quite effortlessly making it ideal for installations requiring multiple speakers. The iComm 10CX is a 350W, 10 Satellite loudspeaker featuring a Coaxial HF compression driver with a 1.7 diaphragm. This loudspeaker is designed as a Near field, main FOH speaker for high output and trendy applications.

These products are aimed at installs requiring no nonsense and High quality PA and music reproduction but limited by budget. They are ideally suited to be used in Classrooms, AV rooms, seminar rooms, as fill speakers in auditoriums, near field monitors, Home theatres and surround applications, gyms, F&B joints, bars and restaurants with or without subwoofers.

iComm 8   iComm 8CX   iComm 10CX
8 Two way Install Loudspeaker   8 Two way Satellite Loudspeaker   10 Two way Satellite Loudspeaker
Power Handling: 150W
Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
Average Sensitivity: 93dB
Maximum SPL(Peak): 121dB
Power Handling: 200W
Nominal impedance: 12ohms
Average Sensitivity: 94dB
Maximum SPL(Peak): 123dB
Power Handling: 350W
Nominal impedance: 8ohms
Average Sensitivity: 96dB
Maximum SPL(Peak): 128dB
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