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The V4.25 is an Ultra high performance 4 channel Professional Power Amplifier. This class I Power amplifier is capable of producing 10,000W (4 x 2500W) of power. It has a very high power to channel density since it packs in 10,000W of power in a compact and lightweight 2U chassis. It weighs in at just 17 kgs. The amplifier uses a clever technique called SMS load balancing and hence 2 channels (channels 1 & 2) are optimized for subwoofer use. Being Class I it has very little heat dissipation and runs cool even when driven hard. It has a high damping factor > 1000. This Power amplifier is the ideal choice for high end Touring or fixed install applications requiring the advantage of less space and light weight. It combines VAL audios audiophile grade sound quality with ruggedness and reliability required on road.
(All Channels)
(2 Channels)
8Ω Power* 1400Wx4 1600Wx2
4Ω Power* 2200Wx4 2500Wx2
2Ω Power* 2500Wx4 2800Wx2
*EIAJ Test Standard, 1KHz,1% THD
  • 4 channels of amplification in one 2U cabinet
  • SMPS load balancing to avoid bass pumping
  • Channels 1 & 2 optimised for Subwoofers
  • Total power delivery of 10,000W (4 x 2500 @ 2 ohms)
  • High current SMPS power supply
  • Lightweight only 17 kgs
  • High damping factor
  • Comprehensive Protection circuitry Soft start, Very high frequency, DC, short circuit, overload, clip/limit, over heat
  • Efficient cooling amplifier remains cool even under hard conditions
  • 38dB Input sensitivity
  • All premium components used
  • XLR input connectors
  • Speakon output connectors
  Power All Channels 2 Channels
  8 ohms Power
EIAJ Test Standard, 1KHz,1% THD
1400Wx4 1600Wx2
  4 ohms
EIAJ Test Standard, 1KHz,1% THD
2200Wx4 2500Wx2
  2 ohms
EIAJ Test Standard, 1KHz,1% THD
2500Wx2 2800Wx2
  Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  Damping Factor >1000
  THD < 0.1%
  Crosstalk at 1kHz 70 dB
  Slew Rate >20V/us
  Input Sensitivity (default) 38dB
  Single to noise ratio >110 dB
  Input Impedance
(Balance / Unbalance)
10k ohm / 20k ohm
  Voltage gain (Sensitivity : 8 ohms) 38dB
  Output Circuitry Class I
  Cooling Air flow from front to rear
  Protection Soft Start, VHF (Very High Frequency), DC, short circuit, over load, limit/clip, over heat, progressive volume control.
  Input Balanced XLR-F, Balanced XLR-M
  Output NL4 SPEAKON
  Indicator Front panel: ON, signal, clip, protection
  Front Panel Power Switch, volume control knob
  Rear Panel Grounding switch
  Power Cord Non-removable IEC power cord
  Dimensions (WxHxD) 483x89x466mm
  Weight 17Kg
(37.5lbs) 20Kg
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