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The GL Series of professional Power amplifiers form VAL Audio represents a new dimension in high quality amplification with unmatched reliability, performance and affordability.

This conventionally designed series of professional power amplifiers features 3 models GL1200, GL2000 and GL2800, offering unmatched quality at a very affordable price. Designed ground up for Live as well as install segments these power packed amplifiers feature robust toroidal power supplies and deliver pure clean sound across the frequency band. The GL series is an installers delight as it features an inbuilt Xover, thus adding the flexibility of running smaller systems without the need for outboard processing and DSP. The inbuilt Xover can be used in bypass, High pass or low pass modes. It features a variable frequency range from 30Hz to 180Hz. The GL1200 is a traditional class AB design and GL2000 & GL2800 feature efficient class H design. Each of the amplifiers have a user selectable input sensitivity of 0.77V / 1.0V / 1.4V.

Affordability is a key concern but not at the cost of our high quality standards and most importantly our signature HIFI sound quality. Even the entry level GL1200 is capable of driving a fullrange speaker without running out of breath. Welcome to the world of maximum performance, reliability & portability at a limited budget.

8Ω stereo* 2x300W 2x600W 2x900W
4Ω stereo* 2x450W 2x850W 2x1300W
2Ω stereo* 2x600W 2x1050W 2x1400W
8Ω bridge* 900W 1700W 2600W
4Ω bridge* 1200W 2100W 2800W
*Average Rated Power (1kHz)
  • Stereo/parallel/bridge-mono mode
  • User selectable Xover with 3 modes of operation Bypass / High pass / Low pass. Variable Xover frequency from 30Hz 180Hz.
  • User selectable input sensitivity - 0.77V / 1.0V / 1.4V
  • High damping factor GL1200 >350 and GL2000/GL2800 > 450
  • Electronically balanced XLR inputs (with Link facility); binding post and Speakon ® outputs
  • Two step fan half speed before 50 degrees and full speed after 50 degrees. Efficient forced-air cooling prevents excessive thermal buildup
  • Front panel LED indication for - Bridge / parallel operation signal presence, clip and fault for each channel
  • Comprehensive Protection circuitry DC protect, short circuit, open circuit protect, high templerature protect, Input and overload limiter, Output overload protect, soft startup protect, ultrasonic and RF protect
  Average Rated Power (1kHz) GL1200 GL2000 GL2800
  8ohm stereo 2x300W 2x600W 2x900W
  4ohm stereo 2x450W 2x850W 2x1300W
  2ohm stereo 2x600W 2x1050W 2x1400W
  8ohm bridge 900W 1700W 2600W
  4ohm bridge 1200W 2100W 2800W
  Crossover 30Hz~180Hz(-3dB) Butterworth
  Protection DC protect
Short circuit, open circuit protect
High temperature protect
Input over load protect (Limiter)
Output over load protect
Soft startup protect
Ultrasonic and RF protect
  Frequency response(1W 8ohm stereo) 20Hz-20KHz (±1dB)
  Sensitivity(8ohm stereo&1KHz) 0.775V/1.0V/1.44V
  Fan speed regulation Two step, half speed before 50 degree, full speed after 50 degree
  Cooling hot air outlet from back panel
  LED indicators Pro-Red, Clip-Yellow, Signal-Green, Active-Blue, Bidge/Parallel-Yellow
  Connectors (Each channel)
Input connectors
Output connectors

make & female XLR
Binding Post+Speakon
  Filter capability 50V/10000uf×8 63V/10000uf×8 80V/6800uf×8
  Input impedance

  Crosstalk(0Hz~20KHz Rated Power 8ohm) >60dB
  S/N ratio(Rated Power 8ohm) ≥95dB
  Damping factor(1KHz&8ohm) 350 450 450
  Intermodulation distortion <0.03%
  Total harmonic distortion(20Hz~20KHz Rated Power) <0.1%
  Phase response(1W&8ohm 20Hz~20KHz) ±10°
  Slew rate 30V/us
  Output Circuitry Class AB Class H Class H
Without load power
Rated consumption



  Height 2U
  Dimension(W×H×D) 482×88×430mm
  Weight 16.0Kg 18.5Kg 21.0Kg
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