VAL audio is an European Professional Audio manufacturer founded by a small team of highly motivated Engineering Professionals & Musicians. We are a young & dynamic company designing and manufacturing Professional Audio products - professional Speakers and Power amplifiers. Our objective was to get back to where it all began - The Love of Sound and Music. We go beyond technical excellence, to primary artistic considerations - the reproduction of Sound in a manner the composer, artist intended. We believe that if the sound equipment is able to fulfill this criteria then the music will definitely "move you". We will go as far to say that our products sound "HIFI.

Our products represent "European precision, engineering & workmanship". We are extremely passionate about what we do and strive to produce the best products at the right price. Price is an important consideration but we do not believe in cutting corners to achieve this. We believe in selling our products based on their merits rather than costly marketing campaigns. We are a small yet financially independent company without large marketing overheads. Hence you will rarely see us at international trade shows and the likes. These cost benefits we pass on to "you" the customer.

We manufacture products that we are proud to use ourselves. Our products are not designed by Marketing and finance departments. They are designed by us "Engineers, Musicians & Music Lovers and are a result of us listening to the requirements of our friends and customers " Musicians, Bands, Sound hiring companies, Theaters, Club & Bar owners.

There is a lot of Engineering and consideration that goes into our products. The DNA of a premium loudspeaker can be broadly classified into Driver Technology, Optimised Acoustics and Cabinet design. We take great care into factoring all these things into each of our loudspeakers.

All our Loudspeakers use Premium Custom made drivers from CELTO Acoustique. CELTO like us is a young and dynamic company based in Belgium.

Following are some of the advanced Engineering and Manufacturing practices we use to produce the outstanding products that we do.

FEM analysis

ZX15 Woofer
Motor Structure

Optimized Impulse Response

QX15mkII Wavelet Analysis

All speaker cabinets are made of high quality, humidity free, Touring grade Birch Plywood. The paint is touring grade, Scratch resistant with a textured black matt finish. The cabinets are truly multipurpose as all the Tops can be used for FOH, as monitors and have integrated flying points. All our cabinets especially subwoofers are heavily braced in order to ensure that they are truly vibration free.

Heavily Braced
SW218sHP Cabinet

Great sounding speakers are only as good as the signal you feed them and hence we design and manufacture our own amplifiers. All our power amplifiers feature audiophile grade sound with the topmost reliability and road worthiness required. All VAL amplifiers use premium components, from leading manufactures. They are stable even under complex 2 ohms loads. They all feature comprehensive and centralized protection circuitry that only comes on when needed. This enables them to be pushed to their limit without sacrificing the sonic quality.

We proudly welcome you to experience the world of VAL audio.

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